Bury Drop In launches new session, Table One

It became evident that with the guest numbers increasing, the sessions would soon reach full capacity and therefore we looked for a way to deal with the guests who realistically didn’t require the services that the Drop In offered. Many were settled in their own place and came for friendship and companionship to help them combat social isolation. From this group, who sat together on  table  1  each time, we formed the spin off session called Table  One. At the same time as we considered these issues, Realise Futures approached us and told us that they would like to be more involved. This fitted in perfectly with Table One and we were delighted to work alongside them. The session meets every Tuesday at the United Reformed Church. Members set up the small hall and pay 50p as a subscription fee to help with the running costs. Realise Futures devised a timetable to actively encourage self-help and progression, regularly delivering workshops such as an introduction to first-aid, safety in the home and hygiene in the kitchen. In addition, a weekly meal is planned, prepared and cooked for the whole of the group by members of Table One, some who have never peeled a potato before now. All members have embraced the session with enthusiasm and engagement, and have offered to support with the creation of further spin off sessions.

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