Almost half of Bury Drop In guests received addiction support during the last year.

This year, Alcohol Awareness Week theme centres on ‘understanding alcohol harm’. The event takes place from 1 to 7 July, coordinated by Alcohol Change UK. Alcohol abuse affects about 40% of homeless persons. Often it is used as a coping mechanism following mental health problems or adverse events, leading to harmful and dependent drinking. Alcohol misuse is both a cause and effect of homelessness (Shelter 2007). In addition to services offered by alcohol and substance misuse rehabilitation such as Turning Point, we provide direct agency support with addiction and health issues in a safe space. Over the last year, figures indicate 48% of our registered guests received help from local agencies for alcohol and drug problems.

Please help us continue to provide support to our guests with issues including addiction, housing, and employment. You can make a difference with a monthly or one-time donation. Click here to donate today.

Alcohol Awareness Week image

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